» The BEST permanent solution

Sierra Stone is a true indoor/outdoor, multi-surface solution. It can be used everywhere from driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, decks, pool decks, steps, bathrooms, kitchens, eating areas & bathrooms.

» Sierra Stone Features

  • Stain proof
  • Resistent to tire marks & scuffs
  • Puddle free
  • High traction, even during winter

Why we believe in Sierra Stone

» Sierra Stone is a decorative stone and epoxy overlay to cover any hard surface. This product is most commonly used on concrete, however, it may also be used over tile and fibreglass. Sierra Stone is NOT an artificial product. Our product is composed of North America's most beautiful natural stone & pebbles

Sierra Stone derives it's strength and durability from is application with a coat of the best quality epoxy. Epoxy is one of the strongest bonding materials created by modern scientific technology. This product is also extremely easy to maintain. A fresh coat of epoxy should be applied to restore the shine that dulls with UV exposure and high usage. The frequency of this application depends on the usage and traffic the area is subject to.

Sierra stone is also extremely flexible with regards to color & design. You can add dimension to your stone work with the use of designs. By using contrasting combinations of stone, you can create borders, logos, numbers, etc. Feel free to ask us about the many decorative options availabile to you.

Finally, we never cut corners. Before EVERY exterior installation, we always pressure wash and pre-coat with epoxy!

» Colors, Borders and Designs:

There is a perfect color scheme for everyone with 18 main colors to choose from. Mixing the different stone colors can make countless additional blends. Dramatically increase the appearance of your driveway, patio, sidewalk, steps, interior flooring and other types of surfaces. The Sierra Stone product can be installed over existing surfaces like concrete, tile and vinyl. Decorative borders, logos and custom designs can easily be created using different color stones, adding elegance and value to your stonework.

» Installation Time:

Two days from start to finish (weather permitting). Your existing surface is inspected and prepared with a thorough power wash the day before the installation of the Sierra Stone product. The next day, it is covered with a coating of our specially formulated epoxy to allow the Sierra Stone to adhere to your old surface. The new Sierra Stone surface is hand troweled to a 3/8” thickness by one of our experienced installers creating a unique, elegant, durable, attractive surface. There is no need to remove your old surface. Also we guarantee a clean installation with no damage to your landscaping and there will be no mess left for you to clean up.

» Warranty & Maintenance:

Sierra Stone has a 3 Year Warranty on materials and workmanship. Minimal maintenance, such as a recoat of epoxy every two years, can help make this product last for a lifetime.

» Durability:

Sierra Stone has been used in Canada since 1978, over 30 years and counting! The stone and specially formulated epoxy combination can last for years with minimal maintenance. We have tested and proven that our product can work in the harsh Canadian climate. Our product has been tested for strength, for wear, the freeze/thaw cycle, discoloration and flammability by Ortech of Toronto, Ontario and met or exceeded all standards. Sierra Stone has also been tested for ultra-violet ray breakdown by Artech Testing Labs of Chantilly, Virginia U.S.A. and results of our product exceeded that of other products.

» Stain Resistant, Non-Slip and Puddle Free:

Due to the porous nature of the stone, water and other liquids pass through the stone surface and will drain with the existing grade to eliminate puddles. Fine silica sand can be sprinkled over the Sierra Stone during installation to give it a non-slip surface. The epoxy coats the stone making it stain resistant, so that liquids like gas and oil will not stain the surface. Clean up is quick and easy.

» Repairable:

Repairability alone is why this will be the last surface you will ever have to buy. If the Sierra Stone product cracks, it is because the surface underneath the layer of Sierra Stone has shifted or settled. This is not a problem as Sierra Stone is the only covering that can be easily repaired. These repairs are inexpensive at $25.00 per crack (maximum 4 linear feet) and for longer cracks, the cost is $8.00 per linear foot. These repairs are done by creating a one-inch wide seam along the crack and then it is refilled with the same stone and epoxy as your original Sierra Stone surface. The stone will always match because Sierra Stone is a natural stone.